Think Unconventionall Power Hour (and a half)

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The Think Unconventionall Power Hour (and a half) is a 90-minute, fast-paced, action-packed 1:1 session for people who want to use this platform, they may have even shared a few posts in the past… But something isn’t quite clicking. 

A session for people to fill in the blanks of their knowledge, and elevate their LinkedIn to the point where it’s actually working for them. 

Is this product right for everyone looking to grow on LinkedIn? NO. 

If you are a complete novice with 8 followers, a blank space where your banner should be and the last time you posted was in 2009… You probably need one of our longer, more in-depth courses. 

But if you’re already getting a feel for the place and have a few ideas on what you might create,  this will give you the tools you need to flick the light bulb on and go full-on attack mode with your plans.

Secure your 90-minute session today and change the way you use LinkedIn forever!

4 reviews for Think Unconventionall Power Hour (and a half)

  1. Lucy Brown

    I was completely lost with LinkedIn – dipped in and out every now and again, causing a fuss or posting a selfie, but I had no idea how to use it as a tool to aid my business. 90 minutes with Andy completely turned my perceptions around, made me realise what I’m missing out on and completely shove a rocket up my pants. The session was absolutely GOLD. I love a course and have taken many business related ones, but none have come close to what I’ve gained from the hour and a half with Andy. Tailored to me and my needs, hyper-specific, easy to follow, frank opinions – honestly, I cannot sing his praises enough. Andy, THANK YOU again. Just gold.

  2. Amanda Carpenter

    As someone who has dabbled in LinkedIn but struggled to see tangible results, I decided to try the Think Unconventional Power Hour (and a half). I’m so pleased I did and wondered why I hadn’t done this sooner …this 90-minute session was nothing short of transformative.

    Andy quickly assessed my LinkedIn profile, identifying areas where it lacked optimisation and key areas of improvement.

    Andy didn’t just offer generic advice; instead, he tailored guidance to my specific goals and aspirations. It felt like he genuinely cared about helping me succeed.

    His approach was straightforward, logical, and relevant to everything I wanted to achieve in this session.

    By the end of the session, I felt empowered to elevate my LinkedIn presence. Andy’s support and encouragement since then has been second to none and I am so pleased I chose to go ahead with this.

  3. Sarah Wood – Freedom Chocolate

    Absolutely cracking session with Andy! I have done group training for LinkedIn elsewhere in the past but I needed some 1-2-1 guidance to help our business to get more business on the platform. I’ve been connected with Andy for some time and he was just the natural choice for me. His LinkedIn content is great and he’s very approachable. The session itself was fantastic! Though our first time speaking anywhere outside DMs, I felt really comfortable, Andy’s manner is work as a team rather than expert to student. Expert he is though. 90 minutes jam packed with guidance and strategy info. I’m excited to see the results over the coming months, as I implement all Andy’s advice. If you want more out of LinkedIn and need some bespoke support, I would definitely recommend, Andy. Thank you.

    • thinkunconventionall (verified owner)

      Thank you very much for the review Sarah. We are so glad you got value from the session.

  4. Amanda Wyer

    I found my training session with Andy to be invaluable. I’ve posted a fair bit on LinkedIn with limited success so am not a complete novice but Andy opened my eyes to opportunities that I’ve been missing.
    The session wasn’t generic in anyway, Andy had clearly done his homework regarding my profile and tailored his advice to what I wanted to get out of my posts going forward.
    Andy’s combination of knowledge and his “can do” enthusiasm is intoxicating.
    I would recommend anyone to contact Andy if you’re looking to build your profile and increase revenue .
    Thanks Andy !

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