How to win business on LinkedIn

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The Think Unconventionall LinkedIn Guide for Rookies – How to win business on LinkedIn.

A top-to-bottom guide to LinkedIn for people who want to build a personal brand and drive their business forward. A social media content strategy is essential for any business, but creating one is not quite as simple as it seems. Social media is not like any other type of copywriting. There is a skill to capturing people’s attention quickly using cleverly worded copy. This guide will give you the tools you need to:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile that converts views into inbound leads
  • Build and engage with your audience with the aim of driving new connections and profile views
  • Create scroll-stopping content that grabs the attention of your target client

In this ‘How to win business on LinkedIn’ guide, you will have the option to read the various steps of building a strong LinkedIn presence or watch everything explained in a 45-minute video tutorial with captions. We aimed to make this guide as accessible as possible, considering all learning and consumption styles.

We would ask that if you do purchase this guide, you do not share it with anyone else. These take a long time to produce and we keep the cost as low as we can to ensure we help as many people as possible. We can only do that if people continue to purchase them.

If you feel that you require a more hands-on approach, and would prefer to work with us on our 1:1 coaching programs, you can read about how those can support your LinkedIn growth journey here.

3 reviews for How to win business on LinkedIn

  1. Mike

    This is the ultimate guide for anybody looking at starting out, or rethinking how they use LinkedIn. Andy delivers the perfect balance of sage advice and his inimitable style to really drill down into how you should prepare your LinkedIn profile and what/who you should be engaging with and why.
    I particularly like the chronological approach to this. It certainly opened my eyes to how I need to use LinkedIn moving forwards and some rookie mistakes I am making.
    Wholeheartedly recommended and I’m looking forward to putting the learnings into practice!

  2. Nigel Burton

    Having used Andy’s ‘how to’ digital course on LinkedIn, I was really impressed that he’s not only provided written content but also backed it up with video content including subtitles.

    It’s an easy read and an even easier and entertaining watch.

    The hints and tips are invaluable to anyone starting out on their LinkedIn journey or simply trying to up their game.

  3. Robin Patrick Horsham

    Andy Barden. Who is Andy Barden? I kept seeing this man appear on my screen every time i looked in on LinkedIn. A pest, annoying, constant, always with some word of advice, which being totally honest I ignored. As I was to discover to my peril.
    Andy’s persistence, began to intrigue. So I began to take note listen and realised that my ignorance and my belief I knew it all, (I’m an old salesman) was shown how wrong one can be. I began to engage, even ventured to converse with him, and WOW what an eye opener. the realisation that you can teach an old dog new tricks was amazing. Andy then asked me to give an honest review on his training program and sent me the product for comment.
    This where it gets difficult, so to keep it simple, FANTASTIC, concise and to the point, the program helps you and guides you to relook at what you have conditioned yourself into believing what is right and helps you see, in some parts the obvious that we tend to overlook when we have our blinkers on, and gently instructs you into taking a fresh look and showing you the right way to get and keep getting your message out there. Brilliant product, worth every penny (I think its to cheap) Design and presented by a man that understand his industry and trade. But most important understand you and me, his clients and genuinely cares. I would get in now before he hikes the price up to its true value.

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