How to grow your business on social media

How to grow your business on social media

The question “How to grow your business on social media” is one we get a lot at Think Unconventionall. Companies all over the world have seen success through traditional sales methods but now need to know how to promote their business on LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and the rest.

In this article, we will outline the 5 most important things you need to do to grow your business on social media. Let’s dive in.

5 Mistakes people are making on LinkedIn

Mistakes people make on LinkedIn

Posting without a plan

These are the 5 mistakes people are making on LinkedIn and they all stem from a nasty habit of listening to idiots. A new wave of LinkedIn creators who have found their way to the platform in 2024 and now thinks LinkedIn is just TikTok in a suit and tie. 

Please, for the love of all things Lego-based, don’t listen to these people.

Cries of “just post it” ring around the LinkedIn halls, filling our feeds and ushering us down a dark path filled with danger and delusion. This is a strategy that will see your business brand disintegrate and leave your audience sniggering into their over-priced oat milk latte.

Running a Business as an Autistic Adult

Running a business as an autistic adult

Running a business as an autistic adult can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. I once read a stat that claimed ‘1 in 3 self-made millionaires is neurodiverse’. This was before I knew about my own particular flavour of autism but well after we found out about our sons.

It’s a statistic I can well believe, based on my own desire to start a business and grow it into something people will remember.

Can You Make Money on LinkedIn?


You can make money on LinkedIn!

So you want to know how to make money on LinkedIn. Don’t we all? 

You’re probably reading this blog because you’re currently not making money on LinkedIn and now that you’ve calmed down from your child-like strop (been there), you’re ready to find out why. 

There are several reasons people fail to convert time on the platform into leads that matter. For this article, let’s focus on how you engage your audience. Or as the case may be, not engage your audience.

Your LinkedIn Profile is Holding You Back!

How to improve your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn Profile is Killing Your Potential…

Yes, your LinkedIn profile is holding you back and killing your potential on the platform. But the good news is, you are one of millions of people making the same mistake. 

The other good news is, I’m about to rock your world with this article and tell you exactly what you need to change.

Your LinkedIn Game Sucks


Why does your LinkedIn game suck?

Yes, your LinkedIn game sucks. Of course it does or you wouldn’t be reading this article. Or maybe it doesn’t suck, and you just wanted to confirm in your own mind that it does indeed… Not suck. 

Either way, here are the three biggest reasons your LinkedIn game isn’t delivering you the results you crave, despite all your effort and hard work.

5 Ways to Win New Business On LinkedIn

5-ways-to-win-business on LinkedIn

Are you winning new business on LinkedIn?

The platform has evolved a lot over the last few years. If you want to win business on LinkedIn, you need to do more than sling up a weekly post about your office dog, or worse still, your boring services. 

It may seem counter-productive ‘NOT’ to talk about what you offer on a B2B platform. The truth is, that LinkedIn is not a sales platform primarily. Sure, people try to use it as one, with their automated copy-and-paste DMs that often go wrong and call people either ‘Dear’ or ‘Sue’ when their name is actually Kevin. But first and foremost, LinkedIn is an awareness and education platform, that if used correctly, becomes a hugely powerful sales tool.

How to Drive Sales on LinkedIn for Free

how to drive sales on LinkedIn for free

Is anything really free?

To show you how to drive sales on LinkedIn for free, I first need to say something that will contradict that first statement. 

Nothing in this world is really free. 

But, if you are cash-poor and time-rich you can invest some of those spare hours into a social media strategy that costs nothing more than your willingness to test, fail, cry, and go again.

5 Tips for Sending LinkedIn DMs

5 Tips for sending LinkedIn DMs

5 Tips for Sending LinkedIn DMs

First, let’s address the elephant in the room because there is a rather large issue with sending LinkedIn DMs… Or so people believe. 

On a recent call with a LinkedIn coaching client, her 16-year-old son (who was ear-wigging the convo) made it very clear what he thought of social media DMs. Not that he’d ever sent a LinkedIn DM in his life, or had to ever sell anything online.

In truth, his opinion was worthless but sadly, it is one that is mirrored by countless people in the world of social media and especially the Gen Z community that has developed a fear of real words and actual conversation. 

“Sending LinkedIn DMs is spammy and no one reads them.”

Oh, how wrong you are my conversationally challenged compadre. You’re just listening to the wrong people, and seriously misunderstanding the purpose of carefully curated DMs