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Can You Make Money on LinkedIn?

You can make money on LinkedIn! So you want to know how to make money on LinkedIn. Don’t we all?  You’re probably reading this blog because you’re currently not making money on LinkedIn and now that you’ve calmed down from your child-like strop (been there), you’re ready to find out why.  There are several reasons […]

Your LinkedIn Game Sucks

Why does your LinkedIn game suck? Yes, your LinkedIn game sucks. Of course it does or you wouldn’t be reading this article. Or maybe it doesn’t suck, and you just wanted to confirm in your own mind that it does indeed… Not suck.  Either way, here are the three biggest reasons your LinkedIn game isn’t […]

5 Tips for Sending LinkedIn DMs

5 Tips for Sending LinkedIn DMs First, let’s address the elephant in the room because there is a rather large issue with sending LinkedIn DMs… Or so people believe.  On a recent call with a LinkedIn coaching client, her 16-year-old son (who was ear-wigging the convo) made it very clear what he thought of social […]

5 Reasons To Hire a LinkedIn Coach

5 Reasons To Hire A LinkedIn Coach When you spend as much time on LinkedIn as we do, it’s easy to get brainwashed into thinking, “Why would I hire a LinkedIn coach”? Feeds are rife with creators going on the attack because in their little worlds, building an audience on LinkedIn is easy. What said […]