Think Unconventionall - Meet the team

If you want to meet the Think Unconventionall team, you would do very well to get yourself over to LinkedIn. Andy can regularly be found doing things that only someone with Autism and ADHD would do but somehow, the combination of the two, along with the patience, kindness, and relentless tenacity of his wife Lynsey… It works! 

Andy Barden - Think Unconventionall

Andy Barden - Chief Attention Seeker

My name’s Andy, and I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Lego. And cars. And bikes. Basically, anything with wheels. If that doesn’t make you want to work with us, then genuinely, I don’t even think you’re human. 

Luckily for you, I don’t feel very human most days so here at Think Unconventionall, there is space for everyone. Even those that despise Lego. I’ll just politely ask you to work with Lynsey, who could also take or leave it. Especially when she has to dust it.

Jokes to one side for a second (although not too long), I have been what some would call obsessed with social media and the way businesses use it since 2019 which means I know a thing or three about what it takes to build an audience, and grow a business. 

Lynsey Barden - Think Unconventionall

Lynsey Barden - The Brains of the Outfit

Hi I’m Lynsey, Andy’s wife, and I can honestly say that Lego isn’t my thing, I leave that to Andy and our boys. Plus, why does it always break when you dust it?

For me it’s all about Skincare, Make-up, home decor and the colour pink, which doesn’t really appear enough in my home.

My role is to support you and your business. I don’t know as much as Andy about social media but my strength is customer service and I always go above and beyond.

I am a great listener, a problem solver, and have huge empathy towards the challenging stories people often share. I care about your business, your brand, and helping you grow on Social Media.

Our Trusted Associates

Social Media Management is a time-consuming process that requires a deep knowledge of the platforms and how they can work for your business. Our team of trusted associates has been put together using the power of LinkedIn and continues to grow each month. All with their own individual businesses, these incredible people are proud to represent the Unconventionall brand and become part of our mission to grow the social media presence of businesses all over the world. 

Markie Reeds

Markie Reeds - Copywriter

As a self-confessed Disney adult, I help coaches and consultants get visible and grow with social media, usually fuelled by snacks and tea (Yorkshire of course). 

By understanding the foundations of what you’re offering, the problem you’re solving and for who, you can make marketing feel aligned with what you’re truly passionate about. 

Too many times social media can take over everything, and you start to feel detached from your core passion and client focus, so you need someone you can trust to be there for you. I love incredible brands that are built around sustainability and the customer experience, such as Disney and Lego – of course, I stalk them heavily online.

Michelle Eshkeri - Think Unconventionall

Michelle Eshkeri - Copywriter

I’m often told that I’m strange or unusual Why? Because I’m a numerophile as well as a lexophile. Eh, what? Stop with the big words, already. I love numbers AND words. If that makes me strange or unusual, so be it. Who wants to be ‘normal’ anyway? I’m a content and copywriter and my business is called Let ME Write. I love all things numbers, which means I’m often to be found writing blogs or social posts about tax, accounting and personal finances. But that’s not all I do because my other big interest is education – of all types. And if social media content isn’t educating, then it’s not worth the screen it’s written on. When I’m not writing for my clients, you’ll find me spending all my profits in Costa up the road while I grind out my first novel or shouting at the TV while cheering on the Gunners. Oh yeah and sloping off on holiday as often as possible.

Think Unconventionall Team - John Barlow

John Barlow - Copywriter

A full-time firefighter and a full-time copywriter (don’t question the maths, it works out). I love the creative challenge of adopting different voices to ghostwrite content. It’s basically legal identity theft. Listening to people explain what they do, and revealing all the content potential in their day to day is my idea of fun. Maker of the occasional video and am not above exploiting my two cats for LinkedIn engagement, the dynamic nature of what makes content click keeps me interested.

As a lover of coffee and travelling, I’m a walking stereotype. I unfortunately tend to have far too much of the former and not enough of the latter. (Also a fan of Lego, but not nearly as much as Andy.)

Jo Humphrey

Jo Humphrey - Community Management

The Dancing Admin & Cycling Queen comes alive with a cheeky rum or two, listening to Afrobeat’s, as well as putting the world to rights through voice notes.

You will also find me most of the time with a bottle of water by my side as hydration allows the creative senses to roll, living through each day feeling energetic.

An avid user of Social Media for several years and having worked with Linz (the brains of the outfit) many moons ago, when I was asked to become an Associate of Team Unconventionall, I felt extremally honoured. I have always loved how the brand was born and will always be a huge supporter for us all to embrace our uniqueness.  

Sarah Crowner - Think Unconventionall

Sarah Crowner - Community Management

Hi I’m Sarah, part of the Think Unconventionall Team! I live a quiet village life in Buckinghamshire and my big passion is helping other business owners. When I’m not doing that, I love music and movies and very recently I have re-discovered my passion for reading with what some would call “Spicy” books – if you know, you know!!

My role in the team is to support our clients with their online presence. I bring to the team a flair and an interest for writing content and a great knowledge for networking and interacting for others.  I have 25 years plus of experience supporting Senior Management Team members, which means I understand the importance of tact, diplomacy and communication when you are at the helm of a business.

Katie Simms - Think Unconventionall

Katie Simms - Community Management

Conventional by name but totally unconventional by nature – I’m Katie, the Caravan Mum with ADHD who home-eds and lives in a caravan (if you didn’t guess). Working with SMEs concerned with social and/or environmental issues and taking the ethical route with marketing is my favourite thing to do. I love to write and natter which makes social media so aligned with me. Talking of alignment, I’m into spirituality and I am a sucker for astrology, space, the Universe, mindset and so much more. If I could change the world it would be to make it a whole lot more inclusive and accepting, flexible, sustainable and of course, Unconventionall. Most of all, I want people to be happy, I want peace, I want love and I want to work with organisations whose bigger mission is to do these things as well.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Think Unconventionall Associate? Why not drop us a message on the button below?