The Unconventionalls LinkedIn Group

Why create a members club?

The Unconventionall’s LinkedIn Group is a members-only club inspired by the countless people who have been through one of the Think Unconventionall training programs for LinkedIn. 

“What now Andy? We know what we are doing and have the confidence to deliver the content but what if we need more support? Where do we go?”

With these questions ringing in our ears, we knew it was time to bring a different kind of community to the table, supporting anyone from business owners to sales teams in their quest to better use LinkedIn. 

The Unconventionall’s was born. 

What’s in it for me?

Well, we are glad you asked that question because of course, The Unconventionall’s LinkedIn Group is about maximising your time on the platform and learning from our expertise, and that of your fellow club members.

  • Daily check-ins with Andy to answer any burning questions
  • A daily content idea delivered first thing in the morning
  • Access to our downloadable training PDF with a full video option
  • Monthly workshops hosted by Andy with special guest appearances 
  • The ability to ask questions of your fellow club members on all things LinkedIn
  • An opportunity to collaborate with experienced business owners on a range of topics
  • Validation that you are on the right track through idea sharing and feedback on content plans and strategies 

The Unconventionall’s is the members club for you if:

  • You are struggling to know where to start on LinkedIn
  • You lack the confidence to show up and bring your authentic self to the platform
  • You have a thirst for knowledge and want to soak up as much inspiration as possible
  • You need support beyond LinkedIn and would like to discuss a deeper marketing plan
  • You enjoy collaborating with like-minded people with a shared goal
  • You want to feel comfortable being yourself and asking those burning questions

So, if you want to be part of the growing community of like-minded people, all with a common goal of maximising time on LinkedIn and turning it into a powerful revenue source for their business…

We would love to welcome you to the club for the measly sum of £30 per month (or £1 a day if you look at it another way). Simply hit the button below, drop us a quick message and we will set you up in a jiffy!

See you soon.