Choose Your Management Package

Just The Words

Option 1
£ 349
  • 12 pieces of content, expertly written based on a monthly Teams call with you
  • Each call is recorded and then played back to pick out the key topics
  • Upon completion of the 12 pieces, we will then send you a copy for approval.
  • You are then welcome to request any changes you feel are required before final approval.

Write It. Schedule It.

Option 2
£ 449
  • All the same benefits as the entry option - 'Just The Words'.
  • With the additional benefit of our team scheduling and delivering your content at an agreed time.
  • This service also benefits from Andy’s engagement on each post
  • This will boost the post and expose it to his extended network.

Eye Catching Graphics

Options 3
£ 499
  • All the same benefits as the second option - 'Write It. Schedule It.'.
  • With the additional benefit of images. Either your own that I edit and include in each post.
  • Or up to 6 images created with your brand colour pallet and logo.
  • These would typically be a text based image, including a statement from the copy I have written.

Edit My Videos

Option 4
£ 599
  • All the same benefits as the third option - 'Eye Catching Graphics'.
  • With the additional benefit of adding video into your content from your raw files.
  • Our team will edit them into social snippets, adding the all important captions.
  • Video content in our opinion, is the best way to build trust, standing you apart from your competitors.

Nurture My Network

Option 5
£ 349
  • Creating content is your gift, but engaging with your network takes time you simply don’t have.
  • We are experts are knowing who the key creators are and how to drive attention in the comments.
  • This package includes 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
  • We will build your network by adding comments on the right peoples content.

Let Me Tailor It

Option 6
£ TBA Monthly
  • You may want less pieces of content, or more images.
  • You may even feel brave enough to release more video.
  • If you would like something more tailor made, please let us know and we will build a bespoke package just for you.
  • All specific needs with be considered.

3 Month Accountability Course

£ 1499
  • 3 months is what it takes to build the initial habit of showing up on LinkedIn every day.
  • Weekly recorded calls with Andy, looking at your content for the next week and how it can be improved.
  • Written feedback on each call, highlighting the key areas discussed and actions for the week ahead
  • Direct communication with Andy via WhatsApp for ad-hoc requests and idea sharing.
  • Suggestions on the key people to follow and engage with, alongside DM best practice and how to make them work.
  • Full profile overhaul, using our official training guide to ensure you are set up for success.

Every Think Unconventionall service is designed to build your network over time, for the purpose of using LinkedIn to benefit your business. None of these services are quick wins, and take time to make a significant difference. We have proved with our own business the power of building a social media presence and nurturing an active community.

If you would like to arrange a call, you can book a slot on the button below. We look forward to hearing more about your business needs.