5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Post Engagement

5 ways to improve your Linkedin post engagement

The fact that you are even searching this on Google (other search engines are available I think) means that you probably need to improve your LinkedIn post engagement. Luckily for you, we have 5 things you need to make sure your content does if you are going to improve your LinkedIn post engagement.

Now I know there are lots of suggestions out there (I think becoming part of an engagement pod was one of them) but in our experience, these are the 5 things your content must do. Improving LinkedIn post engagement is not a quick and easy thing, and takes times and patience. But with some simple guidance and a lot of work from you, it can certainly be a reality to improve

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself “Why do I want better engagement on LinkedIn”?

Is it to satisfy your ego? Maybe it’s to make friends? Or is it because you want to grow your business and you think more engagement equals more sales? Well in many ways, yes it does. The higher your post engagement, the more chance you have of someone is your extended network seeing your post. But if your post is about fluffy dogs because you want high engagement… What’s the point?

Anyway, enough waffle (there’s already too much of that on LinkedIn). Let’s get on with our list with number 1

A LinkedIn post should ‘Entertain’

Think of LinkedIn as a room full of already bored people, looking for a spark. It is your job as a LinkedIn creator to entertain people for one very good reason… So they remember you!

You need to stop thinking of LinkedIn as a sales tool, because it isn’t one. LinkedIn is an awareness tool, used by very clever marketers to drive their brand forward and ensure it is always front of mind when the time comes.

No matter the topic of discussion, you need to find a way to stop people in their LinkedIn feed and make an impact. They are not on here to find out about your business or the wonderful ways you can take money from them. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking people care about your business at this stage… They don’t!

A LinkedIn post should ‘Educate’

Never make the assumption that everyone knows what you know. For a LinkedIn post to be successful, you need to educate your audience on your subject area. Demonstrating you are an expert in your field will not only give them the knowledge they don’t already have, but it will stand you out from the crowd.

You must also remember that even if what you are sharing has been shared before, people quickly forget. If you can combine education and entertainment, then regardless of how many times it’s been shared, your message will catch the attention of the right people where others have failed.

A LinkedIn post should ‘Encourage’

There is a world of differences between ‘creating’ and ‘documenting’. When you document your journey, content is always available and relatable. We are not just talking about documenting the good stuff, but the bad stuff too. Tell people what you’ve been through and how you overcame the hurdles to achieve your goals.

People want to feel better about what they are trying to achieve with their own content journey. If they see you as someone that has been through a similar experience and come out the other side, they are very likely to listen and engage. Through your documented experiences, you can encourage so many to take action.

A LinkedIn post should ‘Inspire’

For the same reason motivational quotes do well on TikTok and Instagram, you will win if you inspire people to take action in some way. Engaging LinkedIn content will always cause a reaction of some sort and on any given day, millions of people look for inspiration online. 

It may be that your target audience are not the type to be inspired by such things, but a good LinkedIn network will ensure your ideal customer is only ever a comment away from seeing your post and realising what you do. We can all be consumed by our troubles and find ourselves in a very negative mindset. Be the one that brings someone out of that funk, and be remembered forever.

A LinkedIn post should ‘Disrupt’

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying for one second that you should just go around causing controversy all over your LinkedIn feed. That is a very quick route to either being banned or simply being known for the wrong reasons. What is important however is that you embrace your own mind and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

To make an impact on LinkedIn, you must distance yourself from your competition and be open and honest about your ideas within your content. Never state something as ‘Fact’ when it is simply your opinion but don’t be afraid to call out something you believe in. 

LinkedIn favours the brave, and the educated. Consider what you are trying to achieve and accept it will create conversation. Remember, you are trying to attract your tribe, so it’s better, to be honest than stay on the fence and work with people that don’t buy into your values.