How to do video editing

Video Editing & Coaching

Effective video editing can be a challenging task, especially with so many possible channels to consider. You may create long form video for Youtube, but then decide you want to slice that video up for your social channels. Video editing is more than just taking best bits and creating a copy however.

Firstly, unless you want to build all your videos in the TikTok app, you will need software to effectively add captions. Even a good app will cost you unless you only do 2 or 3 videos a month. To be able to create the required content for each social media platform however, you will need something a little better than a phone app.

Video Editing Software

At Think Unconventionall, we use Adobe Creative Suite for our client video editing work. To be able to take a file and load it into such a comprehensive system like Premier Pro, gives you the confidence that the final product will exceed your expectations. Speaking of video files, this brings us on nicely to the most important part of the entire process… How it’s recorded.

We often get people ask us to re-purpose Youtube videos for the various social channels. These include Linkedin and Facebook (1:1 Square) and Instagram, TikTok and Youtube reels (Portrait). While this may seem like an easy task, the size of the original file is critical here. To take a landscape video and cut it to portrait, it needs to be recorded in 4k. A portrait video is 1920 pixels high, which means if you record a landscape video in 1920 x 1080p, you will be stretching it beyond it’s 1080p original size. This will make it very pixelated and unprofessional. 

Downloading a 4k video from Youtube is also not an option because Youtube will compress the file. You must have the original file for us to be able to deliver what you need and retain the high quality.

Recording Best Practice

Creating engaging video content for the different platforms is more than just taking cutting out a bunch of 1 minute snippets. The way people consume content is different on Linkedin than it is on TikTok for example. For Linkedin and Facebook, the best size is 1:1 however you will need to add captions prior to it going to the social media platform. This is something we would do as part of your package. 

For reals, you can use a TikTok creative across Instagram and Facebook, however as yet, you cannot download the TikTok file with captions attached. This means to make the most of the other 2 platforms, captions must be added separately. We would take care of this for you.

A complete package could include multiple video clips for 5 different platforms, giving you weeks of content to share… From one long form Youtube video. If you want us to create this for you, hit the button below and let’s get started