Linkedin Profile Building

LinkedIn Profile Building

Before you even think about creating content for LinkedIn, you need to invest in a LinkedIn Profile Building course. This page is your shop front, your free space to shout about the problems you solve. In todays world, this page is more important than the landing page on your website. 

Over the years we have seen too many people launch into creating content without putting the foundations in place to cope with the additional profile views. Not investing in a LinkedIn Profile Building course for you and your business means that much of your content is wasted because people will not convert from curious to inbound lead.

The Key Steps

The Think Unconventionall team can walk you through each step one by one. Starting at the very top with the banner space (often not used) and running all the way down to the recommendations. Every stage of your profile is a potential conversion point… Or a potential drop off point.

Building a LinkedIn profile that converts views into potential paying clients or customers takes time and a willingness to adapt it as you go. There are a whole bunch of ways to ensure the first impressions are strong and conversions from views are high. Speak to us today about about how we can help turn your LinkedIn profile into your biggest superpower