LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising or ‘LinkedIn Ads’ as the cool kids like to call them, are a great way to drive leads, acquisitions, signups, or just good old ‘Brand Awareness’. Coupled with a well-structured content strategy that speaks to your target audience… LinkedIn Ads can be an absolute game-changer for your business. 

Like anything in the world of paid advertising (social, native, Google), there is an art to understanding how the system works. You need to know what your target audience is responding to in their LinkedIn feed. This is where the Think Unconventionall team can help. 

Andy has been in the digital space, buying media on a variety of different platforms since 2011. When it comes to B2B lead generation, LinkedIn’s Ads Manager platform is a fantastic way to build an engaged audience. You can either drive people straight to a sales page or nurture them with a newsletter sign-up, adding them to a robust sales funnel. 

The option you choose depends heavily on your business model and the short, medium and long-term goals of the business. This is something we can discuss should you decide LinkedIn Advertising is the option for you. 

The fact you are here, suggests you already know it is.

Next Steps

With any LinkedIn advertising program, the first step is always about understanding the business. A typical workflow looks a lot like this:

Once we have this information, we can start to build out the ads themselves. Multiple suggestions will be given for a headline, main body copy and graphic. We may also suggest at this stage (budget dependent) that a split test is set up to give us an immediate idea of what resonates and what doesn’t.

LinkedIn Advertising can be a hugely powerful tool for your business and with the right amount of preparation and testing, an extremely lucrative one. 

Speak to our team today about how to get started.